Seems here lately that folks in the shop have been asking me a lot

about the area and about my connections to this area.  So it has got me

thinking back.  Now I think today’s young folks (30’s & under) don’t

think much about their past, they don’t look back, they are all about

looking forward and forward thinking.  Maybe that is just youth but

I think it’s a different world.  So to those folks who say “Don’t look

back,  it does no good”, I say “now hang on there”.   Looking back

can be a good  thing also, look back and remember those folks who

have gone on to be  with the Lord.  Look back and remember those

treasured childhood  memories, look back and see where you come

from and who brought you  to where you are.  I LOVE my childhood

in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and growing up in Wears

Valley.  I have said it before and I  don’t mind repeating it, GOD planted

me here and here is where I will  stay.  If I had any advice for young

people today it would be to treasure your time with family and friends

and store up all kinds of wonderful memories that you can LOOK BACK

on someday.   Come to think of it, Looking Back is also some of what

we do here in the shop, with the crafter’s who make things that have

been handed down for generations in their families.  Like the 2 sisters

that do the weaving, they, like me, were raised here in the Smoky

Mountains in the Gatlinburg/Glades area and the weaving they do

was taught to  them by their mother so on going back 6 generations

now. Now that is something worth LOOKING BACK on!DSC03458100_3106100_0304 


All the News!!!

Hello Friends,

Here’s my new newsletter, the first one out for 2017.

I hope you can open it and read it and let me know

what you think?




A Dying Art


I know there are lots of folks out there that like to do “crafting” these

days and they do have all kinds of things they do and they are really

cool and all, but Doll Making, by hand everything about the doll, I think

is not something a lot of folks do anymore.  These two examples of dolls

are from ladies that have been doing their dolls many, many years and now

due to health reasons they can’t do them. Miss Elly is still doing a few of

her Hickory Nut Dolls, but Miss Mildred can’t do her Raggedy Ann & Andy

dolls at all.  This makes me sad because there is no one in their family

that will be picking up the craft and do it.  I believe these ladies had

a true talent for making their dolls and I will surely miss having them

in the shop and for anyone that has one of these dolls, treasure it.


PS: If anyone reading this makes dolls or knows someone that makes

these dolls in Appalachia, tell them to contact me.


CAM Cabin Crafts

865 448 5940




I have a new quilt in the shop from one of local ladies.

Mrs. Ann S. from Greenback,TN She loves to quilt and

sew and she is very good at it.  Now I would like to test

the quilter’s that follower this blog on your quilting knowledge.

If you know the “name” of this quilt let me know by email message

and the first person to get it right, I will send you a certificate for a 


on any item on our new web page. And I will announce the name of the

quilt, your state and your name on here and on our Facebook page.

Curious what names I will get!


PRICE–$599.00** + p&h


1329 Wears Valley Rd.

Townsend, TN

865 448 5940







Bird Houses

It’s Spring and that’s the time of year to think about hanging up a new bird house.

Here are a few of the different kinds of bird houses I have here at the

craft shop. I have ones to hang, ones to put on a post, ones to put on

side of barn or house and ones to just look nice setting on a porch rail.




Spring or Not?

2017-03-01 10.21.18This was the picture I

showed last week, this

is a bush that was in

full bloom and still

has some blooms.

Now this is yesterday

2017-03-14 18.38.46 (1) Snow on the mountain

in Wears Valley.  Yes the calendar

says March, daylight savings time

says March, I want it to be March!!!

but God had other ideals.  It is 22

here today and with a wind chill

it feels much colder.  Are we ever

happy with the weather? I may

have whipped out the flip flops

to soon.  If it’s 80 and humid

by Friday I am sure I will find

something to say about that also.

But maybe not much, my feet will

be to happy to whine a lot.

Spring Beauty

I love spring in the Smoky Mountains!!

I will let these beauties speak for

themselves,  I just wanted to share. 


100_1198100_1197DSC00398DSC001362017-03-01 10.21.182017-02-18 11.01.382017-02-18 11.01.20DSC07234

Crafts, Crafts & more Crafts

Hey all, I just thought I would remind everyone

what we are about. CAM Cabin crafts is an outlet

for handmade and handcrafted items from folks

throughout Appalachia.  The CAM Cabin Crafts Ministry

provides low income Appalachian Crafter’s with an outlet

for selling their crafted items, which help to supplement

their incomes.  We have a wide variety of items, from

Quilts, Dolls, Wood crafts, Wood toys, Wood bowls, Jams,CAM Cabin Crafts Catalogue Photos 2008 009

Jellies, Relishes and much more.  I encourage you to check

us out on Facebook at CAM Cabin Crafts or our new web page

for the crafts. http://www.camcabincrafts.com/.  Above all

we are here to help.



Spring is getting close here in the Smoky Mountains and

I can hardly wait!!!!, I am not a winter person. New things are

coming for CAM Cabin Crafts. A web page for the craft shop


I hope you will check it out.

Enjoy this picture of Daffodils in bloom in Cades Cove. 2017 seems 

to be moving fast already to me, I hope that you will visit our craft

shop if you are ever in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN area.   Just

give me a call 865 448 5940 or email at thericabcam@aol.com I will be

happy to give you directions to the shop. I love my Smoky Mountains.


Year in Review


Well like it or not Winter is here in the Smoky Mountains and

the year is almost over.  I for one will be glad to see the last of

2016 and I am praying 2017 is going to be a better year.

I know I have not written anything in a while for this blog,

but this year has been long and yet not, and I just never seem

to have the time to get to everything, and as the year is winding

down I feel like I am winding down also.  To say that 2016 has

been a rough year is the mildest term I can use, and as much

as I would like to whine I will try not to.  Because I know that

GOD has been good to me and my family even in the midst

of all ours trials and troubles. One thing that stands out to me

for 2016 was learning how many folks cared about me and

CAM Cabin Crafts, the love and support I received was  so

outstanding and will never be forgotten.  Just as my family

has gone and is going through changes, CAM Cabin Crafts has

also gone through some changes and more are coming.  Now

we all know sometimes we like changes and sometimes we don’t.

Some of the changes at CAM Cabin Crafts did not go over well

and others I am hopeful about.  HOPEFUL is my word for 2017,

I am HOPEFUL for so many things in 2017.  One of the changes

I am most HOPEFUL about is the new Web Page we have opened

for CAM CABIN CRAFTS.  Below is the link for the web page,

I hope you will check it out and consider shopping with us,

for your birthday, wedding, baby, anniversary and everything

in between gifts.  Making a purchase with us does make a

difference for the person that made the item. 


CAM Cabin Crafts is part of the Coalition for Appalachia Ministry,

and the purpose it is still serving almost 20 years later is to

provide a free market place for the hand crafted and hand made

items from folks throughout Appalachia. The CAM Cabin Crafts

shop provides a setting in which the values of Appalachia are 

affirmed, the Appalachian culture is respected and God, family

and country are loved.  I hope that you will be a part of our

HOPEFUL 2017 year.

God Bless

Therica Breazeale

CAM Cabin Crafts